Meet Billy and Winnie Our New Rescues

Dean Farm Trust

Meet Billy and Winnie Our New Rescues

Last week we picked up two more rescues who were in desperate need of a new home.

One is a Mangalica pig, we have named him Billy, he is a two year old boar who is blind. Billy is in poor health due to neglect, he was living in a shed standing in urine and faeces with no clean bedding to sleep on. Due to this he has developed chronic foot problems, his pads are completely swollen and the pain has caused him to walk on his heels. Our vets are not sure at this stage if anything can be done and will come back when Billy is better to re examine him as he is currently recovering from his castration. Poor Billy needs lots of rest so we have given him soft mats and plenty of straw to lay on to make sure he is as comfortable as possible. We will be keeping a close eye on him over the next few weeks to ensure he fully recovers from him operation

Billy having his health check

Our second rescue is Winnie the pig, she came from the same place too. Winnie also received a health check from the vet and we discovered she has lameness and stiffness in her legs. This could be due to restricted exercise which has caused loss of muscle and pressure on her joints. With exercise and space we hope she will improve. Other than this she seems to be in good spirits and loves attention, back rubs and talking to the other resident pigs through the hay bales.

We are so thankful we were able to rescue them and can offer them both a home for life.

Winnie having a health check