My New T Shirts!

My New T Shirts!

Hi everyone, Betty here.

Its been a quiet few days for us. My sister, Daisy, has had her second knee operation so she is resting. Mum says I mustn’t jump on her, but I am only cuddling!

I have been refusing to go out, its too wet, but its okay because where we live we have a porch with a mat in it. It’s lovely and dry when I go toilet on it. Not sure why Mum gets cross – I mean does she expect me to traipse wet feet all over the house…really!!

I have had a second haircut and now my coat is soft and shiny, it is no longer brittle and itchy – people stop me on my walk and say I look amazing. Its just love and good food I tell them.

There has been lots of information on the TV about puppy farms, which is good – I have bought myself a new T shirt to help raise awareness.

I don’t know if you know but I am “Lucy the rescue cavaliers’” No 1 fan. She FB everyone and said we must tell at least one person everyday about the horrors of puppy farms, so I tell people out on my walk, I wear my T shirt and it makes people stop and chat to me.

Lucy’s sister Annabelle has won an award for ‘Heroic Hound’ she is amazing. Congratulations to Annabelle.

Mummy says Christmas is coming, and because I am so mischievous, I must behave and not trash the tree or rip open the presents. Quite frankly, I don’t know where she gets this information. You know how does she know who chewed the arm on the chair where I always sit! It’s Pippin that goes upstairs to chase the cats, I only watch!