Creature Comforts

I love my new home!

Creature Comforts

Hello everyone and welcome to my 7th blog.

As usual I have kept myself busy with a million and one things today, but now I am settling into my ‘forever home’, I have been reflecting on my friends still at the puppy farms.

I live with 4 other cavaliers, 3 of whom were rescued from puppy farms like me. Daisy, Gracie and Pippin were all rescued at 6 years old and I was 8, so combined that is 24 years of our lives lost. Neglected, abused emotionally and physically. No medical attention, no freshwater and barely any food, not walking on grass all because of greed. Confined to cages of darkness and terror. We all pumped out litter after litter and every puppy was taken from us, never being allowed just to be a Mummy to our babies. All sold for profit.

Daisy has many problems: she only has a couple of teeth left; she has had one of her knees operated on and she is off to have the other done. It’s a big operation but she will be able to walk and run without
pain and her knee cap popping out. She has mental scars and Mummy now knows what her triggers are and she has a heart murmur.

Gracie is completely deaf and has had no human contact. She is so scared but Mummy reassures her. Our walks out take ages because she has to hide when we see other people, but Mummy says we must be
patient as she is slowly finding some confidence.

Pippin was rescued form a coal bunker. She was very poorly as the breeder did a caesarean on her.
She spends lots of her time putting all the cuddly toys in her bed. I
think she sees them as all her lost babies.

My knees will both have to be operated on soon, but first they need to get some muscle, they get sore and wobble all over the place. Mummy may have to have a lesson from the vet of how to pop them in until I
am strong enough for the op. I get sooo excited with just about everything, I sometimes don’t know what to do first. I have to go everywhere fast!!

My new life is amazing and I am enjoying creature comforts like:

Walks in the woods
My new coat.