One Life

One Life

As the founder of Dean Farm Trust, I encounter individuals, organisations and charities many of whom share the same aim as Dean Farm Trust: to help end animal suffering by raising awareness.

We have seen the videos, read the facts and personally witnessed the horrors that take place for people to eat, wear and be entertained by animals.

oct-one-life-unhealthy-hen-web                                                 A recently rescued hen.

At times, I feel it is hopeless crusade. The numbers are too great; the torture and cruelty are beyond anyone’s imagination and all of this will never stop. It is too big.  There is to much propaganda, too much money involved and too many people with power, whose agenda is money and not compassion.


At those overwhelming times, I think of the few animals our charity has saved and the few people we have influenced. To these animals it is their life, they don’t know about the billions of others we couldn’t save. The people we have influenced have gone on to influence others and so the ripple effect continues.

Just because we can’t save them all today it doesn’t mean it is worthless.

Over the decades, tremendous work has been carried out by many charities, including: Animal Aid, PETA, Viva, Hillside, Tower Hill, The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Pupaid and BUAV, to name a few. They have been exposing the facts, carrying out undercover investigations and educating the public to a point that people are changing their views and moving towards a cruelty free lifestyle.

So, at times when we feel overwhelmed and helpless, I ask all our supporters to dig deep remember the ones we have saved, and the ripples we have made that have developed into waves.

In the short time Dean Farm Trust has been founded I have seen the demand for plant-based foods and information about veganism soar. This has been across all sections of society, however more so the younger generation who do not want factory farming,  and the use of animals for human gratification to be part of their life.


There has been greater awareness on the destruction of natural habitats, water shortages and oceans being depleted of fish just to satisfy our appetites.

The good news is things are changing. With the use of social media, veganism is spreading and people are adopting a more compassionate lifestyle.

With the Christmas season creeping up, it is this time more than ever the animals need our help.

I recently read that 619,000,000 humans were killed in entire war history, and we kill that many animals every 5 days. So to all our supporters and friends lets work even harder at this time of year: save more lives, share information and promote compassionate living.oct-one-life-unhealthy-hen-1-web

A rescue hen who has been with us for a while and has a new lease of life.