Our A40 Chicks

Our A40 Chicks

Two years ago, a lorry carrying 12,000 chickens crashed on the A40. After they had cleared the area and re-opened the road, volunteers spent hours searching the area for any chickens that were left. Twenty were found huddled in the hedgerows and stream; these little birds came to live at our sanctuary.

They were fondly known collectively as the A40 Chicks, and over the following months were individually named. Sadly, we lost the last survivor of the A40s last week.

These birds are genetically bred to put on as much weight as possible, in the shortest period of time. They are slaughtered between 36 and 42 days old.

These “broiler” chickens are not bred to live and our girls and boys passed away from heart and respiratory problems over the last 12 months. Although they lived a short life, they experienced freedom, companionship, care, fresh air, soft grass, rain, sunshine, night and day. Over 100 million chickens were killed in the UK alone last year, their 42 days spent in windowless sheds with up to 40,0000 other birds, all individual lives needlessly slaughtered.

Get the facts

Please help promote compassionate living; read and share our fact sheet on Broiler Chickens. Keep chicken off your plate this Easter.

Sponsor a resident

With over 150 animals living at the Sanctuary every single penny helps towards their individual care and welfare – a great way to help care for one of residents is to sponsor them – why not sponsor Tufty our little hen who was rescued after spending 18 months of her life in a cage with no grass or sunlight, now spends her days in freedom with her friends at the sanctuary.