Our Pregnant Sow Dotty

Our Pregnant Sow Dotty

Hello From Dotty

Please meet our new resident Dotty, she joined us here at the sanctuary at the beginning of April after we teamed up with Viva! to rescue her from a pig breeder. We first met Dotty when we rescued Hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets who also came from the same farm. Dotty was the last sow remaining and we had a very strong suspicion she may also be carrying piglets.

These suspicions were correct! We found out Dotty is most certainly pregnant after our vet came earlier this week to do an ultrasound. We can’t tell how many yet, but we did get to feel a few of them moving around in her tummy. She will be giving birth anytime on wards from the 17th of May and we can not wait to meet them!


Viva Appeal

Dotty is just two years old and her previous four litters were taken from her to be reared for meat so we are over the moon that all of them are safe and have a forever home here at the sanctuary. But we couldn’t have done it without the help of the Viva! team and so many dedicated supporters who managed to raise enough funds to allow us to bring her back to the sanctuary where she will receive the care she deserves.