Our Three New Rescue Rabbits

Our Three New Rescue Rabbits

Earlier this week we picked up three rabbits from Friends of Animals Wales who are a fantastic charity who rescue and re-home many unwanted animals.

We offered to re-home these guys after hearing that the charity had a huge number of rabbits desperately in need of new homes.

Their names are Penelope, Tess and Gizmo and they are currently living in one of the hen houses but we can’t wait for them to get their little paws on their new big back garden which is full of wild grasses, clover and dandelion.

If you would like to buy them a welcome gift, why not check out our Amazon Wishlist.

‘Adopt Don’t Shop’


Rescue centres all across the country are being inundated with unwanted pet rabbits. Reports suggest that over 35,000 are abandoned at shelters each year and even more go unaccounted for.

They are the most cruelly neglected and misunderstood pet in Britain and more often then not the novelty of owning one soon wears off and the once loved pet rabbit is left to die in its cage; bored, sad and lonely with very little space or stimulation. The slightly luckier ones will be taken to the shelter and adopted by owners who hopefully give them the appropriate time and care they deserve.

We urge you to always #ADOPTDONTSHOP and please think carefully before committing to owning pet rabbits, they have far more complex needs and cost a lot more money then many many of us realise.

By choosing to adopt you can help save the lives of so many beautiful bunnies just like Penelope, Tess and Gizmo.