Rosie and Hebe

Rosie and Hebe

In April 2014 we rescued Rosie and Hebe, two ponies who were in desperate need of help. Their previous owners left them to fend for themselves with no shelter and very little food during the cold winter months. Rosie was emaciated, with long term skin problems and had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is a common condition affecting horses and often results from poor air hygiene.

Luckily we saved them from being slaughtered and they are now enjoying life with their friends here at the sanctuary. It took over 18 months for Rosie to recover from the neglect and needed various courses of treatment and medication from our vets.

Their health is far better than what it was but sadly Rosie still needs a bit of extra care and attention.

Mary Frankland Founder of Dean Farm Trust will be running a half marathon in September to help raise awareness for animals which have been neglected, abused and miss-treated. She will also be raising money to help support the 108 residents we have here at the sanctuary, so if you can support her on her journey by donating a few pounds then please follow the link here and read more about our #runforfreedom2017 campaign.

Thank you