Run For Freedom

Run For Freedom

Sponsor Mary on her Run for Freedom

On the 24th September I will be running the Forest of Dean Half Marathon to raise funds for our Animal Sanctuary.

I will be training for 13 weeks, to run 13 miles, to raise £13,000, to help care for our 13 species of animals at Dean Farm Sanctuary.

Dean Farm Trust was set up to rescue unwanted, neglected and abused animals that may have been subject to factory farming.

Our Sanctuary is home to ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT animals, most of whom would now be dead if we had not given them a home. The majority would have been eaten at a fraction of their lifespan, at just a few weeks or months old.

Where we can the sanctuary has volunteers to help with the animals and maintenance however there are many costs of running a sanctuary which include:

Animal medication, remedies and treatments, vets bills, feed bills, staff, bedding, maintenance, vehicles, insurance, farrier bills. If you would like to help support our charity and care for our residents please sponsor me and help us reach our goal.

Dean Farm Trust promotes compassionate living by raising awareness about how animals are treated in everyday living. With more knowledge we hope people will make more informed choices and choose compassion over cruelty.

This year alone we have rescued a further 69 animals, many if whom need special care and the expertise of our vets. Without your support we could not have done this and now I am appealing to everyone to help us raise funds to help secure their future.

If we can get £142.86 a day we will reach our goal!! Please help in anyway you can

We will soon be updating this page, but in the meantime if you would like to make a donation please use the following link: