Settled in……

Settled in……

I have been a busy girl over the last few weeks, so sorry for not blogging. Mum has needed my support in her recovery from her Run for Freedom!

I have been to the woods quite a lot and made some new friends there, it is great fun being off the lead and exploring, so many smells and other animals to see and hear.

I have also made a new friend on the Facebook! I saw the Facebook page of Lucy the Rescued Cavalier and she is now my friend. Lucy is so cool and such a brave lady. Lucy and her friend Annabelle do great work raising awareness about puppy farming, she is constantly campaigning to get them shut down. She also wears really nice clothes, I have sent her a message asking where she gets them from and she is coming back to me, maybe mum will buy me some. I have put a link in so you can check her out, and help support her:

Because I am now out for regular walks and my back legs are getting stronger, my muscles are building up and they dont hurt so much. When we get home we are all tired and ready for a snooze, I now have my own chair! For some reason my mates prefer the sofa and mums lap, but if mums lap is not available Pippin sometimes shares my chair with me.

Unfortunately it’s not all fun in my new home, I have to have my teeth cleaned which is not nice. When I came out of the farm I had quite a few teeth removed, this is common with puppy farm dogs since our diets are usually poor with little or no dental care. Mum and the vet insist I brush regularly so I don’t loose any more teeth.

We are off to the beach again tomorrow so I must dash a get my day pack ready.