Dotty and her five babies

Dot and Babies
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Dotty and her five babies


Dotty our wonderful sow who we rescued back in April thanks to the Viva! team and many dedicated supporters went into labour on the 3rd of June and has given birth to 5 adorable little piglets. We are so grateful that this lovely family of pigs were saved from slaughter and you can now read more about them by clicking the description button below.



Dotty joined us at the sanctuary at the beginning of April after we teamed up with Viva! to rescue her from a pig breeder. We first met Dotty when we rescued Hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets who also came from the same farm.

Poor Dotty was the last sow remaining and when we rescued her we had a very strong suspicion she was pregnant.

Those suspicions were correct and on Saturday 3rd of June 2017, Dotty went into labour giving birth to five adorable little piglets. Each of them, with the exception of one who is all pink, perfectly resemble their mum, covered in little black spots and already looking like they will inherit mum’s big floppy ears!

Dotty  and babies are doing extremely well and it has been wonderful watching Dot blossom into a caring and loving mother. Up until now Dot has led a pretty miserable life, her three previous litters and total of 31 babies would have been  taken from her care and at less that 8 weeks old to be fattened for meat or sold to another breeder.

So, we can’t tell you how happy we are that this family can grow up together at their forever home here at the sanctuary. By sponsoring Dot and her piglets you can help secure a future for them as well as potentially helping us to rescue more animals like these who desperately need us.