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Thomas our lovely miniature Shetland pony who was rescued from a market when he was only five months old. He is our sponsor of the month and due to his recent illness we are appealing for extra help with his vet bills and ongoing care.


It has been over two months since Tommy our four year old miniature Shetland pony became suddenly ill  in April and was chronically lame. Despite lots of rest and pain relief poor Thomas’ health did not improve. Our vet advised us Thomas would need further tests to determine what the route cause was and after these initial tests it was apparent further scans were required, leading to key hole surgery and hospitalization.

The results came back that Thomas has a condition called Shetland shoulder which unfortunately is not curable but could be managed with medication.

We want Thomas to be able to lead a normal life as possible and your sponsorship and donations will greatly help him live his life at the sanctuary.