Tina the turkey



Help Tina, Help Turkeys

Last Christmas the UK alone consumed around 10,000,000 Turkeys. Let that sink in; 10,000,000 Turkeys, but it wasn’t always this way. The Turkey is a bird native to the Americas and was a luxury item on the Christmas table in the UK right up until the 1950’s. Now more than 10,000,000 are consumed in the name of tradition and are rarely considered outside of the Christmas meal.

We like to think of Turkey’s differently at Dean Farm Trust and we want you to meet Tina. Tina and her friends were rescued a year ago today and they are such glorious animals to have around the sanctuary. Did you know Turkeys sing? The Turkey’s voice is a beautiful and unique one, so rarely do we think of Turkeys as songbirds but we should, and we can.

Tina’s tones have reached some friends in the media and we’re so incredibly excited to have her song amplified by friends with real volume but we don’t want to leave it at that. We want you to help shout about Tina’s voice, we want you to help her sing her song this weekend.

Please consider the 10,000,000 Turkeys, please support Tina – Sing a compassionate song, share our story, support the cause. It doesn’t cost the Earth to care.

Thank you so much, from us all at Dean Farm Trust, and most importantly, from Tina.

Merry Christmas. Xxx



Tina’s singing has caught the attention of BBC Wales – during the week before Christmas Dean Farm Trust had a visit from BBC Wales who wanted to meet and hear Tina’s song.

Read what BBC Wales has to say about Tina on their website, and watch their short film they put together on their Facebook page here.