Turkey Tina in the news!

Turkey Tina is in Chat Magazine!

Our beautiful Turkey Tina has hit the headlines, she has written a letter of thanks to Dean Farm Sanctuary for rescuing her which has been published in a UK Magazine.

A national magazine approached Tina after they thought it would be a lovely idea to recognise the plight of Turkeys at this time of year, so they asked her to write a letter of thanks to Dean Farm Sanctuary which is now her home for life.

Tina is featured in the Chat Magazine from  22nd November to 3rd December.

Tina will be welcoming everyone who visits for Christmas Lunch.

In the UK alone over 10 million turkeys are killed in the run up to Christmas, each one is an individual life with his or her own personality, just like Tina. Please read and share this article to help keep these beautiful birds off the plate this Christmas season.

Sponsor a resident

With over 130 animals living at the Sanctuary every single penny helps towards their individual care and welfare – a great way to help care for one of residents is to sponsor them – why not sponsor Tina the Turkey?

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Click the link below to download a PDF of the article to read ‘A letter to… my crimbo hero’ in full!