Week five – Puppy Farming

Week five – Puppy Farming

Puppy Farming is the medium to large scale commercial breeding of dogs, with the aim to make the maximum profit for minimum cost.

These farms are legal in the UK and are licenced by Local Councils.

Puppies raised within puppy farming facilities are highly more likely than other puppies to suffer from a wide range of inherited or acquired health defects due to their ancestry, living conditions and the standard of care given to them and their mother during their first few weeks of life.

The puppies are sold through pet shops, internet and newspaper ads. Puppy farms in the UK have been found to have as many as 200 breeding dogs, most kept locked inside 24 hours a day, often in complete darkness. They are usually located on farms in barns, disused chicken houses garages or any disused outbuilding. The dogs are forced to eat, sleep and give birth in the same area they urinate and defecate; something they would never do given the choice.

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