Week Seven – Ducks

Week Seven – Ducks

Due to cross breeding there are many different breeds of ducks but are generally divided into two different types; Mallards and Muscovy/Barbary.

The Pekin duck which is from the Mallard breed is the most commonly farmed duck in the UK and originates from China.

Pekin ducks are mainly farmed in the UK for meat, eggs and feathers. Muscovy/Barbary are commonly used for the extremely cruel production of Foie Gras, particularly the males because their livers are twice the size of the female.

It is estimated that over 14 million ducks are reared for meat in the UK each year, most of which are intensively bred and farmed in poor living conditions.

Farmed ducks are unable to display any natural behaviours such as swimming, foraging or flying often resulting in physical and psychological problems.

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